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This might be the most “Overall Positive” reviewed site I have EVER seen. I always do research on a site before we add it here and I don’t think I saw a rating of below 80% for this monster network. There is an absolute ton of porn here with 8 sites included . The Sites are: Fake Taxi, Fake Cop, Fake Hospital, Fake Agent, Fake Hub Originals, Female Agent, Fake Agent UK, & Public Agent. They are always adding bonus sites as well depending on when you join . I always try to find you guys the best deal I can and you will see me recommending one join option over another but that simply is not necessary as you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.

Xfact: When you join a site like Fake Hub through us your Xpoint Percentage increases each month that you remain a member. You will receive 50% profit sharing by your 3rd month. We reward loyalty.

If you are tired of cookie cutter North American content then this may just be the network for you. There are British, Italian, Russian, etc. scenes for you here as well. Also don’t forget that when you join Fake Hub through us you can get up to a 50% Profit Sharing Discount.

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Fake Hub is a collection of 8 different sites and sometimes more with bonuses (depending on when you happen to join).

Fake Hub Originals

These are a collection of fetish specific scenarios like Fake Scientist, Fake Elves (Merry Christmas ahem!), Fake DJ etc. What line of work are you in? I am sure you can drop them a line requesting a specific scenario.

Fake Hospital

Open your mouth and say ahhhh… Fake and VERY horny doctors, Nurses, and Patients.

Fake Agent

“Sure I can get you that role in that movie sweetheart… Let’s talk about it over here with my big hard cock in your mouth” You know the drill.

Fake Taxi


These ladies have to pay for their Taxi Somehow right?

Public Agent

Our Fake Agent hits the streets of Europe looking for the next Super Model right? Well at least these girls are going to get a little cash after they get pounded outdoors.

Fake Cop

He’s not a detective inspector, corrupt vice squad officer or internal affairs agent, but ‘Sergeant’ Montgomery has more than just the badge – he has balls of steel and an attitude to match! Women can’t resist this smooth talking agent and it’s amazing how horny girls get for a man in uniform. The girls only crime is that they love his policeman’s helmet. They have the right to remain silent, but the sound of an orgasm is way more entertaining!

Fake Agent UK

I’ve got hot girls calling me all day. They want me to get them jobs in the porn industry. Hey, I’ll never turn down a great opportunity! I like a creampie with my cup of tea and I’m partial to a slice of anal sex. I like all kinds of women, I make them so excited they get wetter than the English weather. Keep calm and get naked!




Female Agent

The Female Agents are in town looking for young hopefuls to audition on their casting couch. It doesn’t matter if you’re a ripped stud, a skinny nerd, a super-hot chick or the girl next door, they will lick, fuck and suck you all for their own pleasure. The tables have turned!


What’s better than a reality porn site? How about getting access to hot content from several different ones? The action here is high in quality, with lesbian hookups as well as lots of straight sex. Updates are every day, so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t join this mega-site. Well, unless you believe that you really can have too much of a good thing.


This whole FAKE series of sites makes me think “Fuck I love the absolute ridiculousness of porn” I especially love it when a crooked toothed, heavy chested bimbo from the UK gets into a Fake Taxi and tries to actually… ACT. God luv ya sweetheart now bend over and take that 11 inch cock up your ass so you can earn cab fare home.  All kidding aside (and when the fuck do I EVER say that so you better listen up) There are over 2600 movies on this absolute monster of a Hub and they add new stuff like daily. Yowsa!

*IMPORTANT: If someone knifes you in the chest you might want to avoid the Fake Hospital.


Overall Value 80%
Content Amount 90%
Exclusivity 100%


Overall Value 89%
Image Quality 93%
Exclusivity 95%
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