What is Xbates?

Basically: We are a Discount Porn Network. We offer discounts and cash back on sites you join and items you purchase from our site..

More Technically: We are an affiliate of the Adult Sites that you see listed on our site. That means that these sites pay us a commission when we send them a paying customer. We then share this commission with you. We are the first and as far as we know the ONLY site that does this in the Adult Industry.

How does it work?

You simply sign up for a site as you would normally. We then give you back some of your purchase price in the form of Xpoints. These points can be used to purchase items from our store, other memberships, or you can take cash back. The choice is yours.

How much do I get?

WE REWARD LOYALTY! The longer you stay a member of a site the more you get. These are the profit sharing percentages you will get as long as you remain on as a member of a site:

1st month 25%
2nd month 30%
3rd month 40%
4th and beyond 50% until cancelled

How do I claim Xpoints?

This was a little tricky at first because we do not own the sites you are joining and we had to wait for and rely on the reporting of the site. Many sites use different stats programs etc. so this was not ideal. One thing they all have in common though is they will send you a confirmation email when you join. We discovered if you simply forward us that email we can compare it to our stats to be sure you get what is owed to you (not to worry you are not sending us any info that we can’t already get from the members area of these stats programs).

*NOTE: We have NOT had a single problem or complaint since we switched to the above format.

When can I spend my Xpoints?

If you join a membership site for 1 month only then the points you earned will become valid after your membership has expired.  If you have an ongoing month to month membership then your points from the previous month become valid each time you renew.

When can I request Cash Back?

The minimum payout for Cash Back is 2500 Xpoints which equals $25 USD. We write cash back checks every 3 months (which is standard practice for this type of site). So you would receive your cash back on the next pay period after your membership expires. In the case of ongoing month to month memberships new points become valid after each month.

If you purchase a 3 month to 1 year membership all at one time your pay period would be 3 months from your join date.

I have more questions?

No problem we would be glad to help. You can either send us a PM (private message) from your profile area:

Send Message to: XbatesOne

Or you can email us at: info@xbates.com

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