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This is the site that started back in 1996 under the name Shemale Yum. A lot of the big name Tgirls you see now got their start on Grooby Girls. This site has several decades of content and it is still updated more than just about any other site period and I am not just talking about Transsexual sites. The switch from Shemale Yum to Grooby Girls also brought us a bunch of modern touches like more and more 4k video which is amazing to look at. When a site has over 6000 videos and 1800 different models it is worth a second look.

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Since 1996

Wow that’s like 22 years now. There is basically a boat load of content here to choose from and it is still CONSTANTLY updated.

1800+ Tgirl Models

That is a huge number when you are talking about Tgirls. Make no mistake transsexuals are still very rare when you look at the worlds population as a whole.

Over 6000 Videos

You are going to rub that poor thing raw before you get through 100 videos.

Over 670,000 Photos

Let’s pause right here and think about that number for a second. Yikes!


The sitename may have changed, but the collection still stretches back more than two decades. The older scenes obviously aren’t as impressive, but overall you’ll find loads of videos in HD, Full HD and even 4K. New scenes are added on a near-daily basis and you’ll find a diverse mix of trans pornstars in solo and hardcore action. You also get bonus TS porn.


Grooby Girls delivers a fresh name to an established site while maintaining the collection’s original appeal.”


You are looking at a little bit of history here as this is the first (and will likely be the ONLY) 100% score recorded on Cocktail. I really thought about this review and didn’t take the decision for the score lightly either. After looking at all the criteria I came to a score of 98% but then when I thought about OVERALL VALUE it was clear to me that this this site deserved the extra 2%. If I could only ever join 1 site it would have to be Grooby Girls. Simply looking at the numbers tells you the story. I also am a big fan of older content that allows you to see a model evolve over the years and Grooby Girls does that better than anyone. The importance of this site to our niche gets lost on people who aren’t as passionate about it. If you were to make a competing site it would have to be pretty good because you would know you have to go up against this site. The site by which all others are judged in the Transsexual niche.


Overall Value 80%
Content Amount 90%
Exclusivity 100%


Overall Value 98%
Image Quality 97%
Exclusivity 100%

Your month to month Xpoint earning %

1st Month : 25%

earn aprox. 200 to 600 Xpoints

2nd Month : 30%

earn aprox.  250 to 675 Xpoints

3rd Month : 40%

earn aprox. 300 to 750 Xpoints

4th + : 50%

earn aprox. 350 to 975 Xpoints

Here is a basic example of how Xpoints are paid based on a profit sharing percentage…

  1. You join a site for $30 per month
  2. The affiliate payout to us is 50% or in this case $15
  3. You are then paid the percentages listed above based on that $15
  4. Simple Math of your first month: 25% of $15 = $3.75 or 375 Xpoints.
  5. If you remain a member of this site for 3 months you will earn 1425 Xpoints.
  6. If you stay on longer than 3 months you will earn that 1425 then 750 Xpoints for each month after that.

*WE REWARD LOYALTY that is why it goes up each month. You will also receive several SOCIALcred badges and your profile icon status gets upgraded as well. When we say “membership has it’s privileges we ACTUALLY mean it”.  We sincerely appreciate your business.

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